Dear all,

In light of developments within the ERMC which emanated from the faulty conduct of elections on Feb 9th 2013 and resultant reactions from club members and the BOT, the ERMC BOT have decided it is time to put an end to this charade.

The BOT in trying to compel club members (including the so called elected executives from the fraudulent election), to tow the line of honor and strict adherence to the visions of the founders of the club, had tendered their letters of resignation after the election. It is evident that the events leading from the elections have brought about so much bad blood amongst friends and members of the club, to the extent that there is so much division and mutual suspicion amongst members. This was not what the BOT wished for 4 years ago when the club was established and therefore will not allow the club to move in the direction it has currently found itself. Consequently and also based on legal advice, the BOT's resignation would not go through to the relevant authorities, because the BOT is the Club, and will not let the efforts of the founding fathers to die.

As of now, the ERMC BOT had decided to take over the Club and it's entire management, effective, immediately. All activities as they concern ERMC are to be suspended by the "elected" exco forthwith who are in the persons of while the club is being re-constituted and reorganized by the only recognized custodians of the club.
To this end, the bank account of ERMC is hereby frozen and shall be reopened for the purpose of payment refunds. All existing financial members who had paid their club dues as of the date of the election in February are advised to contact the club secretariat at IVORY MUSIC HOUSE for processing of their full refunds and return of their now invalid club ID cards. 

Any person or persons dealing with others who are parading themselves as ERMC members/executive officials do so at their own risk. The ANMC and all relevant organizations are being advised on this decision by the custodians of the club.
ERMC shall rise to become what it was meant to be after the reconstitution. Then, aspiring members shall have to reapply for consideration.

Long Live the revamped ERMC.

Chibuzo Obi.
ERMC BOT Chairman. 
Saturday, 9th of March, 2013